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What is Creative Hiring Day?

Thousands of recruiters and hiring managers will access the Rtist Job Seeker directory for discovery and hiring.

Your resume could lead to multiple job invitations from interested employers, giving you the power to choose the best offer.

Join now to be listed in the Job Seeker directory.

Your resume has the chance to be viewed by

6,000+ companies.

and many more!

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Who Can Join?

Why you should join?

Know Your Market Value

Discover your demand in the market through received job invitations.

*more invites, more competitive edge.

Secure Your Dream Job

Choose from companies already interested in you.

*you have more negotiating power.

How it works?

Step 1

Click "JOIN" button below

Step 2

Register / Login Rtist Talent Account

(Free to register)

Step 3

Complete Profile, upload at least 3pcs of Portfolio & update working availability

Step 4
Wait for employers/hiring managers to send you job invitations.

5th March 2024, Your Rtist Profile will auto reflect in Rtist Job seeker directory.

Thousand of companies will start sourcing the campaign list and and send job invitation

to the right talent.

Special Bonus For You


Cash Reward if you find your dream job through the campaign

(T&C Apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should Join?

All types of creative field talents are seeking job opportunities in the coming 4 months.

Job types include internships, contracts, and full-time positions.

*Creative roles cover designers, illustrators, marketers, programmers, animators, writers, and more

How does it work?

  1. Click to Join Campaign :

    You will receive a notification once the campaign starts.

  2. Update your Rtist Account:

    Update your working availability in Rtist Account and Upload at least 3 pcs of portfolio to showcase.

  3. Job Seeker Directory Published:

    Await for the employers to send job invitation through Rtist, Always notice your email notification to check your Rtist Inbox.

  4. Discuss with Employers:

    Once you receive job invitations, reply to employers and get your dream job!

When start this campaign?

On March 5, 2024 (Tuesday), Rtist will launch Creative Hiring Day. Your Rtist resume will automatically reflect in the Rtist job seeker directory and be distributed to over 6,000 companies.

What is the duration of Creative Hiring Day?

Runs for 3 months starting March 5, 2024.

Can I request to be delisted from the Job Seeker Directory?

Yes, in two scenarios:

1) Turn off availability: Profiles are not displayed when you switch off your working availability intention.

2) Get hired: Your profiles are automatically removed upon being hired.

What is "Job Invitation"?

A job invitation is when a hiring manager, interested in your profile from the Job Seeker directory, invites you to apply for their pre-created job post.

Is it guaranteed to get hired?

We cannot guarantee employment, but our platform and resources are designed to enhance your chances of matching with thousands of companies.

*You can always profiling your Rtist Account to increase the hiring chances. Click here to know more:

Estimate when i will receive job invitation?

Campaign runs for 3 months from March 5, 2024. You might get job invitations from day one, but we can't guarantee the quantity or speed—it depends on your profile completeness and employers' expectations.

*You can always profiling your Rtist Account to increase the hiring chances. Click here to know more:

If I'm currently employed, Can i join this campaign?

Definitely, yes! You can join this campaign to look for better offers and new job opportunities.

Apply to companies that have expressed interest in you. You'll have better chances of negotiating and getting hired.

If I'm a student looking for internship opportunities, what can I do after joining this campaign?

Update your working availability (Internship period) in your Rtist Account.

Upload your Portfolio and Personal Info.

Do I need to pay anything?

FREE Of Charge for all talent in

*You will get RM100 cash reward some more if you find your dream job through the campaign(T&C Apply)

How can i receive the Special Bonus RM 100 cash reward ? (T&C Apply)

We will giving out this RM 100 cash reward for the FIRST 30 Talents that get hired through Creative Hiring Day!

Terms & Condition:

Once you found your new job opportunities in Rtist Creative Hiring Day, Rtist Team will look for you for the confirmation on after you receive the Job

  • Apply Job post

    If employers doesn't have Job post, you'll need request a Rtist Job post from them for you to apply.

  • Proof us your offer letter

  • Post " A scene of your working life " on your any social media channels by photo.

    (Optional: Short clip video, Writing or any type of format)

Once done the steps all of above, Rtist will transfer you MYR 100 through Bank Transfer.

Have more questions?

Directly talk to our consultant, and we will assist you further.


Creative Hiring Day initiated by Rtist.

Rtist is a specialized job platform for creative hiring, seamlessly connecting businesses to local creative talents within minutes. Our platform has empowered 14,000 creative talents to be visible and get hired.